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Welcome to Senovis – your exclusive platform for Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs). Explore curated, evidence-based resources and HR insights, designed to empower you in your strategic decision-making journey. Download our latest CHRO Briefing below.

CHRO Roundtable – a summary of key discussions

The role of the CHRO in shaping ESG strategy

At Senovis we understand the value of roundtable discussions for CHROs due to the depth of insight that in-person discussion can bring. Our CHRO gathering on 24th May in London was an opportunity for CHROs of some of the largest companies in the UK and Ireland to come together to build new connections and discuss the timely topic of ESG.

The ESG theme was chosen for the event following an increase in interest in the subject, evident in the many dialogues we have had with both CHROs and academics over recent months.

Download our summary of key discussions to understand the context and content of our ESG roundtable.
AI and Digital Transformation

The impact on People strategy and practice

The rise of generative AI is reshaping the workforce and organizations at an unprecedented pace. But how do we prepare to navigate this technological shift?

Our latest CHRO briefing on AI and Digital Transformation explores the transformative impact of AI on the HR and People landscape, from a range of evidence-based and credible resources.

In this CHRO briefing we explore:
Profound Impact of Gen AI on jobs and roles

  • Understanding how generative AI will automate, augment or transform roles across industries like finance, professional services, and law.
  • Assessing your workforce composition and rethink skills strategies accordingly.

Ethical and responsible AI adoption

  • Ensuring human-centricity by influencing technology investments from the start.
  • Learning to address risks like perpetuating bias, diminished job quality, and privacy violations through responsible AI implementation.

Expanding HR’s strategic role

  • Discovering how HR can lead the AI transformation by co-creating guiding principles, redefining roles, determining talent strategies, and prioritizing human-centric technology design.

Reskilling for an AI-augmented workforce

  • Identifying vital skills like data literacy, complex cognition, and continuous learning to empower your people to effectively partner with AI systems, while reinforcing irreplaceable human skills.


This exclusive briefing curates cutting-edge research from globally recognised institutions and top consultancies, offering a 360-degree view to future-proof your organization.

Download the full report today and unlock the insights you need to thrive in today’s AI era.

The role of the CHRO in shaping ESG strategy

ESG has been rising in importance for organizations and is increasingly seen as business critical. The CHRO Briefing: ESG explores insights into the evolving landscape of sustainable business practices, and navigates the complexities of ESG, shedding light on the increasing role of CHROs, the importance of substantive ESG efforts, the often-overlooked ‘S’ in ESG, and more.
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